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Monday, March 18, 2013


With all of the running around, I realize that I haven't yet posted my update for the TUSAL this month. If you aren't familiar with this, you can read more about it on my previous posts. I haven't had near as much stitching time as I wanted this past month, but in my opinion, some is better than none. Here is my collection of threads for the month, as well as the piece that I've been working hard to complete:

I've done more stitching since taking this picture, and I'm getting so close to finishing this, hopefully this week! I've got a couple of other projects started that  I'm anxious to work on, but want this one done first.

The first weekend of March, I travelled to Wisconsin for my nursing clinical weekend. Everything I had read or heard said you will not believe the amount of stress this weekend would cause. I travelled out a day before my test so I could relax. I took my camera, hoping to get out and do some sightseeing. I never pulled it out. It was bitter cold and foggy. I was just not feeling it. And after 5 hours in the car, I really didn't want to drive anywhere either, so I stayed close to the hotel. I took my exercise clothes with me too, thinking workouts would be good for the stress. The hotel I stayed in has two buildings, connected by a skywalk. I was in the portion of the building that did not house the fitness room. My building did have a conference center, which hosted a pretty rowdy wedding reception the weekend I was there. There was also a major basketball tournament in town, so a lot of exhuberant basketball players/supporters. Needless to say, not much sleep, and I did not make the walk to the gym. I did go outside and walk around the hotel and local shopping center for about an hour. There was a bicycle trail behind the hotel that had mile marker signs, and I was tempted. I couldn't see very far down the trail though, and it was foggy, and I was alone, so on second thought, decided against it. I think a woman alone in a city she doesn't know, can't be too careful. Being out in the fresh air was good for me, I was calm when I showed up at the hospital Friday. All went as I hoped, and I was done testing, and back at my hotel by checkout time Sunday, with the coveted completion letter in hand. Now that I am done with classes, I am almost at a loss during the day! I still have some studying to do, since it will be almost two months before I get to take my state license exam for my RN. I have plenty of things I pushed aside the last couple of months, and I am finally getting around to them.

Last week, my baby boy finally made his way home, I was so relieved to have him back here. By 8pm the first night, he was already bored! I just laughed. He was used to hanging out with the guys all day until about 10pm. I tried to remind him before he left S. Carolina, we do live in the country, everybody's in school all day, it won't be the same back here, but he came home anyway. While I was testing, he shared a couple new snapshots with his dad, which they withheld from me, so as not to scare me! He's come so far with his riding:

He's made a couple of visits with his local friends, and I sense a change. He's been on his own and has grown up, not so much with his friends. He's gone to work today, and it's so very quiet in the house. I wish we could just stop the hands of time.

I spent my weekend cleaning. I emptied what was the guest room, and is now officially youngest son's room. I didn't realize how much I had stored in there, quite a bit of which needs to make its way back into my scrapbook area. Hm, I have already filled that back up since removing all that stuff, not sure where it's all going to go now. I was easily sidetracked going through boxes of my grandma's old pictures. I hope to be putting my dad's baby pictures into a scrapbook soon, now that I have them all sorted and into a common area. Among all the pictures, I found the sweetest old valentines, from my great grandfather to my great grandmother! They are so fragile, I can't believe they have survived. And my dilemma, what to do with them now? I will keep them, but I'd love to be able to have them in frames to display for valentine's day, without destroying them. Anybody have any ideas how to do this?

Well, I'd love to chat a little bit longer, but I promised the hubby I would spend the day completing the taxes. Plenty of other things I'd love to do, but he's been waiting patiently for weeks. Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!


  1. Wow, Cindy! You have been busy. Glad your clinicals went well. Good luck on your state license exam.

    What a treasure to have an old Valentine from your great grandfather! It probably survived this long from being stashed away in a box. Whether you decide to frame it or put it in your scrapbook, I would suggest surrounding it with everything acid free. But, you probably already know that...being a scrapbooker. Have a great evening.

  2. Oh what treasures the Valentines are!
    You came here for testing?!? What hospital? And why did you have to come to WI?

  3. Oh, my, that picture of your son on the dirt bike would freak me out, too (the mother in me is chiming in). You probably do feel strange now that school is over and without the constant studying, papers, etc. that go along with classes. The Valentines are truly a treasure and wonderful tokens of love from the past.