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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sending Hugs

I don't know about you, but when I open my mailbox, I get a lot of paper, but nothing I really enjoy receiving. It seems everybody stays in touch with technology these days, and sometimes it's depressing.  Isn't it fun to find a letter, or a cute card once in a while? This past week, I made a real effort to send out a few random cards, instead of an email. This is probably one of my absolute favorite cards I've ever made:

The colors are so soft, and the picture really doesn't do it justice. I sent this to my mom this week. I know she gets lonely, and I don't get down to Texas to see her often enough. I know she'll love this when she gets it.

Another fun card I sent this week was this:

I can't take credit for making this card. I received it in a swap with some other Close To My Heart consultants a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, I don't remember who made this, so I cannot give her credit. The peacock is embossed with white, so this has a nice texture to it. And although you can't see in the picture, there are tiny pearls attached here and there. I sent this to my new penpal Jenny, from themodestpeacock.blogspot.com. I hope she'll enjoy this cute card!

I have such a stash of cards, just waiting to be mailed out. If you'd like to receive a random piece of happy mail once in a while, I'd love to send you some! Drop me an email with your snail mail address, and I'd love to share a smile. Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful day!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Pretty in Pink

It seems I've fallen a little behind sharing any of the cards that I've made lately. Yesterday I sorted through a basket of over one hundred handmade cards. I won't post them all today I promise! I'll only share one, and then I think I'll go put a couple of the spring ones out in today's mail.

I love the way this card turned out. The pink is soft enough to be subtle, the black and the sparkles add just enough pizazz.

Of the large supply of cards I have, it seems this is the only sympathy card left in my stash, which I hope won't get used any time soon.

It's raining here in Indiana today, I think it'll be a good day to play in my craft room. Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful day!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

What's a mom to do!

Good evening my friends!

I hope that not only did you have a beautiful spring day wherever you are, but I hope too that you had a chance to get outside and enjoy the beauty of the day, even if it was just to stand outside for a minute!

I have taken advantage of my weekend, and cleaned up most of the yard. I know, to most people, that doesn't sound very appealing. However, by our own initiative, we have flower beds that go all the way around the house and pool. With the many, many trees we have, that means a lot of leaves to be cleaned out! And I never cut down my plants in the fall. I like the unusual character of seeing the brown plants poking out of the snow in the winter. So, there's just that much more to be cleaned out right now. I see a forecast of rain for the next 4 days, so I had to work efficiently. This was one of the rare times I had assistance from my son. From his wheelchair, Nathan worked to chop down the dead zebra grass, and then raked the mess out of the mulch. I couldn't have finished it all without him.

And what was young son doing instead of helping me? He was up on the roof, throwing sticks down at me!

We finally made a deal, he cleaned out the gutters, and in return, I supplied him with multiple basketballs, volleyballs, and soccer balls that he proceeded to shoot towards the basketball net. Boys can be so much fun! I got the last laugh, he didn't use a ladder to climb up, so he was a little stumped how to get down. He finally climbed down onto my pergola on the back porch, let himself down through the top of that, onto a wooden picnic table. What a sight! Normally, he would have jumped from the roof to the back porch. His jumping activity has been a little restricted right now though. Friday morning, before going to the track, we stopped at the dr's office to get the x-ray results from last Monday.  He informed us Avery has a fractured vertebra in his spine. Alas, no racing this weekend, or next week, or until he's healed. So, imagine an addict missing their fix, that's my son without his dirtbike! He really needs to find a back-up activity. So, until he's healed, we must find creative outlets for his energy. I don't think he'll be back up on the roof any time soon!

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Just What the Doctor Ordered

So, I've been in a little bit of a funk the past few days.

I don't know if it's been because hubby has been out of town all week, and he'll only be home a couple of days before he leaves for another week. Or maybe it's been because of the lingering cold weather, or the constant headache.

All I know is I haven't been motivated to do anything. Until yesterday.

I went out to the back yard, just to move the bird feeders. It seems our beagle enjoys the taste of birdseed as much as the birds. Anything that just "happened" to hit the ground, she quickly snarfed up. The nuts and berries in the seed just aren't a part of the strict diet we have her on. So I had to move the feeders outside of her fenced area.

I get easily distracted, so moving the feeders turned into cleaning up the many piles of "proof of dog". While I was at it, I decided to rake the leaves out of one of the flower beds in that area. Four hours later, I had raked leaves and sticks out of half the back yard, and cut down two big mounds of dead zebra grass. I was just getting warmed up, but my hands had already produced blisters, so I had to stop.

I went to bed last night totally exhausted, but happy. It felt so good to be outside. I think the hard work, and the sunshine were just what the doctor would have ordered. I would be out laying mulch and cleaning more flower beds today, but we're off to the track.

Young son hasn't been able to ride since his accident two weeks ago, but it's a big race this weekend. We're headed to Illinois for practice today. I'm gonna soak up the sun while he rides!

Thanks for stopping by, hope the sun's shining wherever you are today!