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Sunday, January 25, 2015

TUSAL update

Hello my blogging friends! I'm excited to share an update of a few things I've been up to lately. Believe me, I've been busy with a LOT of stuff, but I'm really only interested in sharing the fun stuff, some stitching! I haven't had much time for stitching in the past year, but I've been squeaking out a few minutes almost every day this month, and it's made a difference in my unfinished projects.

Last year, I saved my ORTS, and since I didn't have much stitching time, and no time to post my TUSAL updates, I pitched everything. I've started saving them again, and have a little bit to show this month. In case you aren't familiar with the TUSAL update, or why anyone would save their thread pieces, you can find info here.

I have what feel like is a million of the Crystal Light plastic containers, and the smaller one is perfect for saving my threads!  I have a lot of fall colors in these threads, since I worked on, and FINISHED this project, yeah! This piece is Autumn Tree by the Trilogy. I've had it in my basket for years, never finished. Unfortunately, when I bought the chart, I didn't buy the buttons. On a good note, when hubby and I went to Northern Indiana for our 30th anniversary this month, he was so sweet to go check out a needlework shop with me, and I was able to purchase the shop's very last package of the required buttons, how lucky was that! One unfinished project checked off the list.

I have another very small project I started last year, and was able to finish this month

This is a very small Christmas ornament, I hope to finish up for my granddaughter, before her parents get their tree up at the end of the year! I found a book of Christmas ornaments at my local library, and this was a quick stitch while I was sitting in a hospital waiting room, while my husband had surgery.

Another project I completed after many, many years. From the magazine, For the Love of Cross Stitch, 1993:

This is too funny, I have changed the direction on this photo a dozen times in my photo library, and when I upload it here, I can get it to go every direction, except the one I want! I think it's been a little too long since I've played on blogger, and not being very computer savvy in the first place, I give up. Don't look too close, just laugh at my lack of ability, and let's move on.

Believe it or not, with my limited stitch time, I had one more piece that I completed! I have so many projects that recommended being stitched on linen, but I have always been so intimidated by it. I have purchased several pieces of linen with my charts, and I was determined I was going to master stitching on it. The first piece I attempted was by Little House Needleworks, but I got scared so quickly, and never quite got the first stitches in. I tried again on this chart. It's far from perfect, but I was excited to attempt something new with my stitching. I still find linen a little intimidating, but I think I will continue to work on it. I don't remember the name of this piece or the designer, but I really enjoyed working on, and completing this one.

I have a couple of first year anniversaries later this year, and if I can get this "finished" finished, it might make a nice anniversary gift.

Several pieces completed off my works in progress! I feel like I've really done a lot, with the limited time I've had to work on anything.

Thanks for stopping by to visit!