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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Labels are there for a reason

I'm not very good at reading attached labels, on anything. Maybe occasionally I'll see if a new shirt is supposed to go in the dryer or lay flat, but then I forget before the next time I wash it, and don't bother to read again. And yes, I have a closet of shirts that no longer fit!

My husband on the other hand does read labels. He just doesn't do what the label suggests. Occasionally, he pays the price for his mistakes too. Mine oversights just not don't carry as severe of a penalty. This week, hubby filled our water softener with 160 pounds of rock salt, rust remover type. We live in the country, with very hard well water, the kind that turns your white shirts and your showers a pretty orange color if you don't pay attention to your softener. Hubby decided to be a little proactive, the rock salt wasn't enough, he wanted to put a little extra cleaner in. He found this:

This is a great product, I've treated laundry with it. Hubby read the label, sure enough, it can be added to your water softener, so far so good. Then he continued to read: use in a well ventilated area. My water softener is in my laundry room. Which happens to be in the far back corner of my basement. Not too many windows in that room, not too many windows in my basement in general. Not a well ventilated area. Do you see where this is going? Yep, hubby proceeded to pour rock salt and iron out into the machine. As the puff of vapors rose, did he take a break? Nope. He continued to pour and suck it all in, until he was done. 4 bags of salt produced a lot of vapor. He coughed, and I instructed him go outside. Yes, I know it's cold, go breath the fresh air. He (we) didn't sleep well that night, because he was coughing. I went and read the label-harmful to mucous membranes. Hubby, I said, you need to see a doctor. He ignored my suggestion for 2 days. Yesterday, I could hear his raspy breaths, from across a room. His normally low blood pressure was up there, and so was his heart rate. At 9pm, he finally agreed, maybe he needed help. He really wanted to wait until morning, but he later confessed, he was afraid he might not make it.

The ER was not busy last night, and I suspected, breathing problems take priority, so we weren't there very long last night. He had chest x-rays and a breathing treatment, which made him feel amazing. And he brought home a prescription for an inhaler. I suggested fill it last night, he wouldn't. This morning, he wished he had it when he woke up. We both slept much better last night. He's going to be ok, no antibiotics needed. But I'm hoping he'll also read, and follow the label next time! And when his wife, the nurse, says go to the doctor, maybe he'll do it the first time I suggest it!

Even though I hated to see my hubby suffering, it was good for me. I was able to practice on him, some of the things I'll be tested on in a couple of weeks. When I told him his lungs were clear, but his vitals were too high to be good, it was what he heard from the hospital staff. I've got a case of nerves, but maybe I'm more ready for my test than I thought I was!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

My son emailed sent this to me last night. Seems he's learned some new riding skills since I left S. Carolina. I think it's a good thing I wasn't there to see this, although I'd love to take credit for the photos!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

For Today

Outside my window, it's still dark and quiet. The school bus has just picked up the neighborhood kids, visible only by it's blinking lights.

I am thinking about nursing care plans, and patient care scenarios-my focus for the next few weeks.

I am thankful that I am not trying to squeeze my studies in with a full time job and little children that need my attention.

In the kitchen a fresh pot of coffee is brewing.

I am wearing my comfy bathrobe and slippers.

I am going nowhere today.

I am reading schoolbooks, still.

I am looking forward to reading for fun again.

Around the house are dog toys. Kiko won't lay on the hardwood floors to play with her toys, so anywhere there is a rug or carpet, is where she plays. Her favorite is hide and seek on the stairs.

I am pondering Valentine's Day. I feel sorry for the people who expect elaborate gifts today, because society says that's the way it's supposed to be.

A quote for today "anything worth having is worth working for"

A peek into my day

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Sunday, February 10, 2013


Good morning my friends! It's time for another TUSAL report again! I started the month out really strong with my stitching, and got a little derailed. Overall, I'm pleased with what I have accomplished. Since I am on the road again, my threads are not in my TUSAL dish, so I have to show them sitting with the piece I've been working on. I'll save this nice little pile and add them to my jar at home.

I was concerned when I found one little mistake in my counting, and I received so much wonderful advice from my blogging friends! Some suggested pull it all out and fix it, some said leave it. I compromised. I pulled out the bad leaves and fixed them. Then I pulled a small area of the border at the top. The mistake was too obvious there. But I did not rip it all out. So there is an extra empty row between the two borders. It all worked out, and looks ok.
I have travelled to Atlanta, GA this weekend. I am taking advantage of a workshop to help prepare for my upcoming clinicals. I have had information overload, 8 hours of learning, combined with homework. There has been no time or energy for stitching this weekend, even though I brought my project along. This trip has been well worth my time and travels though. I am learning things I didn't get out of a book, and I would have failed without this knowledge. I'll be on the road, headed home tomorrow morning. And now, I'm off to class for today! Hope ya'll are staying warm and dry through all this amazing weather across the country, thanks for stopping to visit!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lots to Share!

Good morning my blogging friends! I have been too busy to post this past week, and I have missed sharing with you all! I think that is a pre-cursor to the way I may be for the next month, a little hit or miss. With my clinical test date quickly approaching, I am spending more time with my books, less time with my computer. A necessary evil for now, hoping it's a temporary thing!

First thing I'd like to share is a thank you! This weekend I received a wonderful package from Tricia at The Stampers Stitches. She had a giveaway on her blog, a chart she wished to pass along. Not only did I receive the Shepherd's Bush chart, she also send floss and the cutest handmade card!

If I had the supplies on hand, I probably would have started this pattern this weekend. Good excuse to do some shopping! Isn't this the cutest card too! As a cardmaker myself, I know the time and love that goes into these, and I love, love, love receiving handmade cards! Thank you so much Tricia for this happy mail.

Next to share is my work in progress, Joy in the Journey. I was moving along quite well on this piece, when I found a mistake!
At the bottom on the right side, there is a flower on a stem, just above the heart. I had one too many stitches on the stem! This caused all of the outer green row to be out one stitch too far. Of course, I found it when I got to the stop of the piece, and it wasn't lining up. I pulled out the flower, but I couldn't decide if I wanted to pull out all of the green row, or somehow adjust my stitching to make it work. I got so frustrated and put it down. Instead of working this out, I started another piece! Which I also made a counting error in it, and quickly put it down. Had a little bit of the flu this week, and I'm going to blame my mistakes on that! I haven't stitched in several days now and it's driving me crazy! So, what do you all suggest, pull out the green edging, or make it work?

I decided to turn my attention to my scrapbooking since the stitching wasn't going well! My customers have been so wonderful, encouraging me to amp up my business, and they are helping me along! One customer put my name out through her friends, to be a vendor at a local event in February. Another customer has booked me to host a scrapbook retreat in Terre Haute this summer! I am excited about both opportunities, but the timing is scary due to my school obligations. I know that I am blessed to have so many positive things happening, so I am not complaining! I have one group of customers that comes to my house every month to scrapbook, so I have to start getting ready for that. I designed the pages we will be creating that night. This is the first time I have played with paper since making Christmas gifts, and it was so relaxing. This is what my girls will be making

I apologize for the less than perfect pictures. My good camera wasn't working, and had to use the camera on my phone. These papers are from the Close To My Heart Clementine pack. I usually make the bare bones layout, and encourage the girls to add their own embellishment flare. Some like to add a lot of sparkle and bling, and to some, the flowers added now are too much. For myself, I would only add a title and call it done. We all have our own tastes. For me, I love the blue and brown, but overall, this pack is a little feminine. Having all boys, I'm not sure I can come up with pictures to add on here. I have a pile of layouts that are too feminine for my boys. Maybe I can sell some of them at the vendor event this month.

Well friends, that covers quite a bit for today! Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a wonderful day!