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Monday, May 21, 2018

Playing with Paper

I used to show a lot of paper crafts on my blog, and I have enjoyed my stitching so much lately, I haven't shared anything else. I have been doing something other than cross stitch though!  Although it has been a week, I am excited to show the card I made my mom for Mother's Day this year.

This is a card in a box. I have admired so many of these on Pinterest over the years. I made one last year for my father in law's 80th birthday, I just never shared it.  I made a card like this for my mother in law this year also, and I forgot to take any pictures before she took it home with her.  For my mom's card, I used a handful of die cut pieces that have been sitting in my stash a long time, I don't even know where they came from.  The cardstock and printed paper are from Close To My Heart, from an old collection called Heart of Winter.

The purple in the flowers really pop against this beige! The card I made for my mother in law had pink flowers, her favorite color.  Both moms have always loved to work in their flower beds, this was so appropriate.

I am happy I could send my mom some flowers this year that would not die and be thrown away within a few days.

I used a lot of dimensional adhesive between the flowers and leaves, to ensure the bouquet had the depth I wanted.

My mom was as thrilled receiving this, as I was when I sent it.  Have you ever tried one of these cards? It was very quick and easy to make, I expect I will make more in the future. Maybe a fishing one for Father's Day!

Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

So Many Options!

When I sit down to stitch, I have so many pieces started now, I have plenty to choose from.  I told myself that I wanted to finished my older projects this year before starting anything else, it's just not happening that way! I have started and finished some new things.  I have stitched on older pieces and not finished them, and now I have started more!  I can't even imagine starting something new every day of May, or even the first week.  My latest start was February Word Play.

I have loved these since they first came out.  This is the first one I grabbed. I hope I can have it done by February.  It is being done on a 25ct even weave. It looks a little strange in this photo, probably because it is zoomed in too much, I just wanted to be able to see the small start!

I have also recently worked on America, America from a Stoney Creek magazine.  Not a lot of progress on this one, it is going to be slow going I think.

I have put additional stitches in A Spot of Coffee by Little House Needleworks.  I really love this!

I was working on this last weekend at the racetrack, and I ended up having to frog out a lot of what I had completed, and had to restitch it.

Stitches have also been put into Marriage Rules by Lizzie Kate.  This has been my obsession the past few days.

My son and wife have an anniversary this summer, I am hoping it can be a gift for them.  It's almost halfway there.

The last piece I have worked on has been my Life is About the Journey.  I only need to complete the bicycle and it will be done! I am just not enjoying this backstitching. I will have it done by the end of May though! ( Did I say I would have it done by the end of april too?)

So, from all of the pieces that I have stitched on the past month, I have accumulated a nice little jar of ORTS.

They are really squished down in this jar, it's hard to see how many are there.  When I combined them with all the others I have saved this year, this is what I have so far.

That's my recent stitching progress, which I am sharing for a Totally Useless Stitch A Long.  If you want to know more about TUSAL and collecting ORTS, you can read about it here It's Daffycat.

Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The Nails are Done!

I think it was some time last week, or maybe the week before, I mentioned that I was going to go out and help my son, I was going to pull a few nails in the house he is remodeling. I don't think I ever shared my pictures of the nails though, want to see? It was unbelievable how many there were!

The picture on the left gives a little better view of the number of nails that were there, so close together, in such long rows! Some had already been pulled before I took these pictures. My husband and son thought they could just grind them down, it didn't work. The picture on the right shows a strip of wood still nailed down on the far right. This is where the kitchen cabinets were.  On top of this gorgeous green flooring, there was a layer of plywood with laminate flooring on top of it. The original hardwood floors in this old house are still present under all of this.  If it wasn't going to be a rental house, I would encourage him to bring them back to their original glory. Ceramic tile is going down instead.  It took me four days, with at least 3-4 hours per day to get this floor cleaned up.  I had the biggest blisters on my hands, and my arms ached for days! I was thrilled to be able to help though.  Painting has commenced in the house, and flooring goes in this weekend. In the next couple of weeks, everything should be ready for a tenant to move in. I am so proud of my son and his hard work!

That's it for now folks, thanks for stopping to visit!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

A New Month Begins!

I can't believe it is May first already! When I was growing up, and would occasionally complain because the days just seemed to drag by, my mom would tell me, just wait.  She told me that when I was older, the days would just flash by before I knew it. Well, mom was right. I think before we know it, we'll be looking at the December calendar!

It it such a beautiful day today, it feels like summer here. We waited long enough for these nice days, and I have been enjoying today.  Last week, I bought a new cushion for the glider that sits on our back porch. A nice thick cushion, to pad my still tender hip.  I have been very good to do my physical therapy exercises every day, and some days I ache. But today, it felt good to sit out in the sun. While I was sitting, our doggie was busy digging for moles, so she was well occupied. She didn't catch any today, but we got a nice big one last week. It was caught in a trap, she sure wanted to play with it!

I couldn't just sit and watch the grass grow outside, I had some stitching with me. I know today is the first day of stitchmaynia. I did not make any concrete plans for a lot of new starts. I will just go with the flow, stitch whatever calls out to me, old or new. Today, was a new start.  I spent almost two hours at the dealership this morning getting the oil changed in one of our vehicles, so that really gave me plenty of time on this.

This is an older chart, A Spot of Coffee, by Little House Needleworks, dated 2004.  I think I have had it a few years already. I don't think this will take very long to complete. It is being done on 28 ct Mushroom Lugana with all DMC as called for.

See the shadows on my deck? I was sitting under the pergola on our back porch, with my back to the house.  This summer we are moving the pergola out to the back yard, because I have asked for the back porch to be covered. I don't want another full room, just a roof so we can sit out there any time of day. By noon, the sun is cooking down, and it's too hot to sit there. We'll see if this fits into my hubby's summer plans!

I think I'm going to take a walk down to the mailbox before I head out to my Weight Watchers meeting. I hope the sun is shining in your part of the world today, thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Stitching Report

Good morning!

I have to say, I am in a much better mood today than I have been for the past couple of weeks.  I saw the orthopedic specialist on Monday, and I have been given the ok to start weaning off the use of my crutches.  I'm so ready to be mobile again!  It appears the stress fracture in my hip is healing.  I am not convinced the issue is resolved though, because I still have a significant amount of pain from time to time.  I start physical therapy next week, and revisit the doctor in a month.  I have to be careful though. Yesterday I tried to move around without crutches a little too much, and I ached last night.  Today, I will use my crutches a little more, and we'll see how this goes!

On to my stitching goodness!  I know that I am a couple of days late on my ORT report.  The 16th was such a busy day. Besides the doctor, we had family that had driven to Indiana from Arkansas. I hosted dinner at our house for everybody on Monday. There were ten of us gathered here that evening. I was busy cooking and cleaning!

If you don't know what ORTs are, you can read all about them on the blog It's Daffycat.  I think it's fun to save these for a short while, I smile when I think of the projects I have stitched each month.  I didn't post a report in March.  I stitched a little bit that month, but I was too busy finishing my BSN. Yep, that's right, I am finally done with college! I have my evenings free to stitch now, hooray!  So, the ORTs in my little jar include a few pieces from March.

There are some pretty pink threads in here, as well as some shades of blue.  I started a Lizzie Kate piece in March, and finished it this month.

I love her designs, they stitch up quickly.  I just received a backorder of a few more Lizzie Kate charts, I just want to stitch them all!

I have also stitched on a piece I started last year.  This was a kit.  It is getting so close to a finish, but i get bored with the backstitching, so it has gone into its project bag for a bit. I hope to finish it this month though.

This is really not a good picture, I'm sorry. I only need to finish the grass and the bicycle. It's almost there! I need this piece done so I can have credit for my stitch from stash!

Finally, because I am anxious to stitch everything I have, I started another piece this month.  I guess I just decided since I finished one, I should start one.  This piece is from Stoney Creek magazine, from 2017.  I love the tension hoop that I have been using to stitch, it sure leaves wrinkles though!

This is close to being finished as well. I need to backstitch the letters for Lake, and complete the bottom.  Since we have not yet sold our lakehouse, I want to frame it and hang it there this year.  The walls at our lakehouse are pretty bare, so this will be a nice addition.

Today,  I am going to spend some time helping my young son.  He bought a house to remodel and rent, and it needed a lot of work.  I haven't been able to do anything to help him out so far, but I am determined to do something for him.  Today, I am going to sit and pull what looks like a million little staples out of the kitchen floor.  Previous owners had stapled new flooring on top of old.  The staples all need to come out before ceramic tile can go in.  Hopefully I will be able to get these out.

Thanks for stopping by today. Have a great day!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

My update

Once again, I am posting late for the TUSAL.  I struggle with deadlines sometimes, even when I have a reminder set on my phone, as I did this time.  In my defense, the date this was to be posted, was the day I was on vacation in Florida, also the day I crashed on my bicycle.  After enjoying a 14 mile ride around Key West, I did not successfully pull up on a curb from the street. Yep, 51 years old, been riding a bike since I was little, and I failed at a basic skill! Fortunately, I pulled myself up quickly, pulled my bike out of the road before the box truck behind me ran it over.  And I rode back to the place where we were camped before I ever looked at the damage.  I was relieved to see a little road rash.  I have never experienced this before, but thought, how bad can it be? My son has received worse than this riding his dirt bike.  When we started putting water on to clean it, big old alligator tears fell, as much from my own pain, as for the pain I imagine my son endured, quietly.  It took several shots of whiskey (which I don't drink), and more than one mixed drink before we could attempt peroxide to thoroughly clean.  This has been awful! And last week, my entire leg swelled to the point I could not put on a pair of pants, or a sock. Keep in mind I live in Indiana, and it is February!  I had been running three times a week, training for a half marathon.  And last week, I was forced to sit in a recliner, with the leg elevated to help with the swelling.  Additionally, it appears I have done some damage to my hip flexor muscle, and have been on crutches for two weeks now, not allowed to even walk.  Makes me not a pleasant person to be around at times.  Today, I get an MRI done on the hip, Friday I find out the definite damage. Prayers for no tear requiring surgery, would be much appreciated right now!

Now, about that TUSAL that I was supposed to post....

If you aren't familiar with the TUSAL, or ORTs, you can read about it on Daffycat's blog.

Here is a photo of my ORTS since my last post, using the same plastic container

I have done a LOT of stitching! In this photo, I have combined all threads for the year

The colors of the threads aren't as pretty in this photo :(    Just so you can see how lovely the colors really are, here are the pieces I have worked on.  I started, and completed Gingerbread Girl and Peppermint Tree by Country Cottage Needleworks. This was stitched on a piece of Stone hand dyed fabric, I am not sure what count

And the other piece I have worked on almost every day, is a kit I started last Spring.  I am soon close to having this piece done!

There were a lot of different shades of greens in this piece, and some pretty blues.  I should have this done by the end of March. Then I will push to finished another older piece. I am down to 13 WIPs in my stack. I think every time I finish one, I start another small. Having the small pieces helps break up the monotony of some of the bigger pieces though, so that really helps.  I usually work on the small pieces with my coffee in the morning, and work the large piece in the evening when hubby and I are sitting.

I think that's it for today folks, things to do.  Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Not Very Balanced Today

From this Side of the Pond

We are back from our Florida vacation, and I can't wait to share the good times, and some bad that happened on the trip. That is for another day though. Today, some hodgepodge questions!

1. Where do you go when you need some inspiration?  I love to be outside, weather depending, so that is probably my preferred place for inspiration.  I don't tolerate high heat or humidity very well, but I think I do pretty well here in Indiana.  I have ten beautiful acres with trees, a creek and a pond. With my dogs, I can walk around, or sit quietly on the porch swing and listen to the birds. I will go out in the sun, a light rain or the snow. I would be perfectly content listening to the waves hitting the beach, but I don't have that here!

2. What's under your bed?  It's embarrassing to say, there is a lot there!  A few years ago, hubby and I hiked up Pikes Peak in Colorado.  We bought very nice backpacks, thinking we would continue hiking. They are stored under the bed, and haven't been touched in a very long time.  Under the bed I also store plastic containers that have rolls of Christmas wrapping paper in them. Since the boys never came upstairs to our room, it was the best way to keep our kids from seeing the paper until Christmas. The boys are grown now, but I have just never changed this routine.  I also store extra table leaves under the bed. Keeps them safe and out of the way.

3. Thursday, February 22nd is National Chili Day, National Margarita Day, and National Cook a Sweet Potato Day. Of the three which would you most like to celebrate? Is that likely?  Looks like I need to go shopping! I love chili, but it doesn't sit well with hubby, and just he and I at home now, I can't do that.  I love sweet potatoes, but out of the three choices, I can guarantee we will do Margaritas!  I have been a little indulgent in some alcohol since our vacation last week-it has been helping me sleep at night, when an injury I incurred otherwise keeps me awake.

4. What are you 'snowed under' with right now?  Unfortunately, not snow!  This has been the craziest winter in Indiana this year! Yesterday it was in the mid 70's, and today the 40's. I miss the snow. But, to answer this question, I am 'snowed under' with schoolwork.  I am so close to finishing my BSN. I need to be out in my community, acquiring 35 hours of face to face interviews so I can finish a paper. Being on crutches right now, I am struggling to move much, and it causing a little stress. 

5. Tell us three to five things that make you feel balanced?  Carving out time for my hobbies is something I haven't been able to do in years.  I now allow myself to stitch in the evenings. It relaxes me.  Getting some exercise is very balancing for me.  I returned to running last summer, and it feels amazing.  This is week two with no running, and I am feeling very sluggish.  I am not allowed to put any weight on my right leg, so I need to find new exercises I can do for now.  With crutches, not running at all, I am feeling sooooo unbalanced right now!  Getting outside, camping or hiking with my hubby works wonders for me, and us.  Sometimes, hubby's days are long, and he just wants to sit and relax when he gets home. It is easy to feel ignored, and very frustrated being home so much.  When we go hiking or camping, we give undivided attention.

6. Insert your own random thought here.  Two years ago, hubby and I took a trip to Florida, to see our son graduate from his military training.  It was beautiful down there, and we really considered becoming snow birds, staying there all winter.  We just returned from a vacation in Florida, and have immediately noticed a difference in the way we felt down there, and how we feel at home.  I am thinking next winter, we might just spend a little more time in the south, and gradually, we might just make that transition to snowbirds every winter!  

If you would like to play along with Wednesday's Hodgepodge questions, go visit Joyce, her blog is From This Side of the Pond.   Even if you don't want to play, it's fun to see how others answer.  Thanks for stopping by today, have a wonderful day!