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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Progress to Share

Good morning! The sun is coming out, and it's going to be a warm, and very sticky Father's Day here in Indiana.  My husband is out fishing with his step-dad. He visited with his dad on Friday, and we will have one of our boys here later today.  Both of my dads are already deceased.  This will be an atypical, totally calm day for us.  I am really looking forward to it for a change.  Hubby and I spent all day yesterday working in the yard, and we were worn out by evening.  I don't have the energy for a house full of people today.  As much as I absolutely love our ten acre yard, it is becoming a bit of work.

Last week, I spent several days at our lakehouse with a girlfriend.  She is going through some things right now, and she needed to just get away.  We hoped to boat, swim and fish, but it rained, every single day.  So we stayed in the basement, and played with paper.  I really enjoyed staying up all night, and sleeping in.  Neither of us were totally prepared with everything we wanted to use for the week, but we managed.  I made a total of eighteen scrapbook pages, and several cards!  For a couple of years, I had a subscription to a monthly scrapbook kit club.  I had never put those together, and they were taking up a lot of space in my overflowing craft room.  I assembled all of the pages last week, and because I had no photos with me, they were incomplete.  I have already added pictures and journaling to three sets of layouts, so I am on my way to getting some scrapbooking done! I will show pictures of those in my next post.

Because I was out of town, I also missed the date for the monthly TUSAL post.  If you don't know what the TUSAL is, you can read about it here: It's Daffycat.  I don't have a large collection of my threads this month, but I am excited about the stitching I have completed!  Here are my ORTS:

This is a dark picture, I'm sorry.  There are a lot of greens in here, and some reds.  The pieces I have worked on include my Life is About the Journey, which I finished in May.
 I am so happy to have this completed! I don't know why I dragged it out so long.  I love the bright colors of it.  I have another piece that goes with this, it may be a while before I start that one.  The backstitching was intense, even though I did a lot of it as I went along.

I have focused on two other projects, working towards completion.

A Spot of Coffee, by Little House Needleworks.  This is so close to being done!  I will have this done in June.  I usually work on this as I enjoy my morning coffee.

My other project is my monthly word play, by With Thy Needle and Thread:

Yep, it's June, and I am stitching February.  I knew I would not finish any of these in a single month, so I just grabbed.  I love the Tomato floss in this.  I stitch on this piece in the evenings, hoping I will have it complete this month also.  I found a major mistake in this last night.  I really, really didn't want to remove all the threads to correct it, so I fudged.  I think I can live with it, if I don't look close, so it's just going to be.

That's all for today folks, thanks for visiting.  I think I'll go make hubby a card before he gets home.  Have a wonderful day!

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