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Thursday, March 1, 2018

My update

Once again, I am posting late for the TUSAL.  I struggle with deadlines sometimes, even when I have a reminder set on my phone, as I did this time.  In my defense, the date this was to be posted, was the day I was on vacation in Florida, also the day I crashed on my bicycle.  After enjoying a 14 mile ride around Key West, I did not successfully pull up on a curb from the street. Yep, 51 years old, been riding a bike since I was little, and I failed at a basic skill! Fortunately, I pulled myself up quickly, pulled my bike out of the road before the box truck behind me ran it over.  And I rode back to the place where we were camped before I ever looked at the damage.  I was relieved to see a little road rash.  I have never experienced this before, but thought, how bad can it be? My son has received worse than this riding his dirt bike.  When we started putting water on to clean it, big old alligator tears fell, as much from my own pain, as for the pain I imagine my son endured, quietly.  It took several shots of whiskey (which I don't drink), and more than one mixed drink before we could attempt peroxide to thoroughly clean.  This has been awful! And last week, my entire leg swelled to the point I could not put on a pair of pants, or a sock. Keep in mind I live in Indiana, and it is February!  I had been running three times a week, training for a half marathon.  And last week, I was forced to sit in a recliner, with the leg elevated to help with the swelling.  Additionally, it appears I have done some damage to my hip flexor muscle, and have been on crutches for two weeks now, not allowed to even walk.  Makes me not a pleasant person to be around at times.  Today, I get an MRI done on the hip, Friday I find out the definite damage. Prayers for no tear requiring surgery, would be much appreciated right now!

Now, about that TUSAL that I was supposed to post....

If you aren't familiar with the TUSAL, or ORTs, you can read about it on Daffycat's blog.

Here is a photo of my ORTS since my last post, using the same plastic container

I have done a LOT of stitching! In this photo, I have combined all threads for the year

The colors of the threads aren't as pretty in this photo :(    Just so you can see how lovely the colors really are, here are the pieces I have worked on.  I started, and completed Gingerbread Girl and Peppermint Tree by Country Cottage Needleworks. This was stitched on a piece of Stone hand dyed fabric, I am not sure what count

And the other piece I have worked on almost every day, is a kit I started last Spring.  I am soon close to having this piece done!

There were a lot of different shades of greens in this piece, and some pretty blues.  I should have this done by the end of March. Then I will push to finished another older piece. I am down to 13 WIPs in my stack. I think every time I finish one, I start another small. Having the small pieces helps break up the monotony of some of the bigger pieces though, so that really helps.  I usually work on the small pieces with my coffee in the morning, and work the large piece in the evening when hubby and I are sitting.

I think that's it for today folks, things to do.  Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Great ORTs! I love the pieces you are stitching too.

    There's something about scraping wounds, yes? Excites every nerve to the extreme pain threshold. When I broke my arm I skinned the forearm and I swear it hurt worse than the break itself! Plus I had to put that whole mess in a sling. UGH! I hope your leg feels better soon!

    1. Thank you, I am loving the stitching this winter!
      Yes, I think scraping wounds are the worst! I will never underestimate the pain of anybody's little scratches again!