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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The Nails are Done!

I think it was some time last week, or maybe the week before, I mentioned that I was going to go out and help my son, I was going to pull a few nails in the house he is remodeling. I don't think I ever shared my pictures of the nails though, want to see? It was unbelievable how many there were!

The picture on the left gives a little better view of the number of nails that were there, so close together, in such long rows! Some had already been pulled before I took these pictures. My husband and son thought they could just grind them down, it didn't work. The picture on the right shows a strip of wood still nailed down on the far right. This is where the kitchen cabinets were.  On top of this gorgeous green flooring, there was a layer of plywood with laminate flooring on top of it. The original hardwood floors in this old house are still present under all of this.  If it wasn't going to be a rental house, I would encourage him to bring them back to their original glory. Ceramic tile is going down instead.  It took me four days, with at least 3-4 hours per day to get this floor cleaned up.  I had the biggest blisters on my hands, and my arms ached for days! I was thrilled to be able to help though.  Painting has commenced in the house, and flooring goes in this weekend. In the next couple of weeks, everything should be ready for a tenant to move in. I am so proud of my son and his hard work!

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