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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2018, Starting off on the Right Foot

What a beautiful day today is, even if it feels a bit chilly! Like so many across the country, Indiana has been hit with below freezing temps. I have always loved winter more than any other season. I don't mind if it's cold, because I can always add another layer. I would prefer it we at least had pretty snow to look at with these temps. We have had just enough to cover the grass that we mowed in December, not enough to dig out the tractor to plow off the driveway. I am thankful that this morning, when dear hubby woke at 4:30 and stated it was -21, at least I knew I did not have to spend my day in and out of the car. My years as a hospice nurse, I would have spent the day driving through snow drifts from patient home to home. Today though, I start the process of taking down my Christmas tree. I did not plan for this today, so I am not taking on the entire task. But every day, I am picking up pieces of tinsel off the floor. I don't know if my cat or puppy either one is intentionally playing, but I know it can be dangerous, so I am not taking any chances. Today, the tinsel. Tomorrow, the non fragile ornaments.

Today is a calm day, hibernating, but yesterday, not so much. I started 2018 off on the right foot, literally! I ran my first 5K of the year. In. the. COLD.  The past six months I have been running, and loving it. I decided that this will be the year I will attempt a half marathon. I have signed up with a group, Indy Runners, and a half marathon training program. I have also set a goal to run at least a 5K every month. I had to get started! Hubby and I had travelled to Tennessee over the weekend, to take our oldest son his Christmas gifts, since he could not come home this year. When I realized there would be a run within 15 minutes of my son's house, I signed up. This was of course, before I saw the forecast. And before I really thought it through. My son is less than 30 years old, of course he had to stay up and ring in the new year! And we couldn't not stay up with him. So at 1:30am, I finally crawled into bed, and sleep evaded me. I woke not feeling rested, and with a headache. I drank water throughout New Year's Eve, because I knew it would be better for me. It didn't matter, I should have had more wine. My son, such a good sport, surprised me yesterday morning and ran with me! 

My son and his girlfriend run half marathons. This year, their goal is to complete a marathon. For him, running 3.2 miles was not difficult. This was his territory, running along the river in Knoxville. I am not used to the elevation, or running the hills. And it was only 13 degrees when we started running! I had finally reached a decent pace running at home. My best time has been just over 28 minutes. I was disappointed that it took me over 33 minutes, and I felt like I was letting my son down. He stayed right beside me the whole time, never pushed me, never made fun of me. I am not happy about my time, but I am happy I didn't start the year by backing out on my goal. I have my first month's race done! I'm thinking the Hot Chocolate race might be good in February.  One of the things I like about the races is the t-shirt. Sometimes the shirts are really nice for weekly runs. Sometimes instead of shirts, you get a hat. This race, we received fleece blankets, a first for me. I loved it! 

The six hour drive home from Tennessee yesterday, I was snuggled under my blanket, trying to sleep away the headache. 

While we were in Tennessee, we went for a walking tour of Knoxville. Hubby and I had been to the city before, but never really explored it. We were tempted to ice skate at the rink that was set up, instead we were content to reminisce about trying it in Chicago when we were there for our anniversary years ago. We did stop for a picture by the ice rink though!

We had such a wonderful New Year's weekend with our oldest son and his girlfriend. I look forward to seeing them again next month, when we travel to Florida to start the first adventure on our bucket list of travel plans.  I hope you had a wonderful New Year's celebration as well. Thanks for stopping by!


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