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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Here we go again!

Hello my blogging friends.  Just when I thought we were headed for Spring, here we are, another snow storm coming down on us. It was so beautiful yesterday, although it was only in the 40's, it was enjoyable to be outside. And tonight, the snow is coming down fast and thick.  I'm not sure exactly what I want to see when I wake up! If we have only 5-6 inches, I'll be driving to my patients through the drifts. If it's quite a bit more than that, we're snowed in, the kids and I.  Either way, I'm not sure I  like my options. It's out of my control either way, I'll just pray for the best.

I've been quite busy the past few weeks, as you can guess from my absence. I have managed to work on a few projects, around everything else.

I was so relieved to finish my large stitching project at Christmas, I decided I needed something small, that could be done quickly. I had a pillow from Pine Mountain Designs that I thought would be perfect, and it was. I completed this in a little over a week, I loved, loved, loved the colors in it

After I finished this, I pulled out some WIP's from last year and am making progress on them, I just haven't taken pictures of them yet.

I've also worked on some scrapbooking. I've got so many pictures to catch up on, I'll still be doing my kids pictures when I have grandkids!  The first layout is using the paper pack Babycakes from Close To My Heart. This paper is still available in the catalog. Although the paper pack has some prints  intended for use with babies, the back of the paper worked perfectly for these photos from our trip to the Dominican Republic last year. By the way, I never scrapbook in order, I just work with whatever photos I pick at the moment.

As another example of out of order, this layout uses photos from my husband's camping trip in 2008!

 I only need to add my journaling to these layouts, and they will be completed. I've told my hubby that when the fishing pictures are all on the layouts, we will sit and do the journaling together. It was his trip, so I decided the memories should be his to share.

Seems this has been minimal progress to show on this post. We've had enough activity happening around our homestead, I haven't had the energy for much else. I don't know if I've shared before, we moved my father in law in with us several months ago, after he was discharged from a hospital. We've had some challenges caring for him. Trying to keep his Diabetes under control was enough of a challenge, then he started falling, multiple falls, daily. Last week, we finally found out the reason for the falls, Grandpa has been the victim of multiple strokes since he's been with us. He spent a couple of days in ICU, and is now safely in a rehab facility for a couple of weeks. I am hopeful he will be stronger with their help, and can be back with us after that.

Just before the trip to the ICU with Grandpa, hubby and I spent a wonderful weekend in Gatlinburg Tennessee. We traveled down to celebrate the wedding of some friends, and decided a long weekend was just what we needed. We rented a one bedroom cabin on a hillside. Since it was offseason, the crowds weren't bad, although the trees were still bare. We took advantage of the 70 degree days, and hiked in the Smoky Mountains, and relaxed in the hot tub in the evenings. It was a much needed escape. We'd love to go back again, maybe in the fall, while there are still some leaves on the trees.

With the snow continuing to fall tonight, I'm going to turn back to my stitching. Until my pager goes off early in the morning, I don't know whether I'm headed out, or stitching all day. I'm going to make the most of this snow while I can. Thanks for visiting my friends, stay safe and warm!

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  1. So good to get caught up with you Cindy. Sweet, little stitch. Sorry your FIL isn't doing so well. Take care!