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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Crossing My Fingers!

I hope I can get this post in, before I lose my internet! We're brewing up quite a storm here in central Indiana, some much needed rain. But with the good, comes the bad-when it storms out in the country, the internet doesn't last long, so I've got to make this quick!

I promised to share some of my excuses for my absence. Excuse number 1:

The books are finally gone from my library. I spent what seemed like forever reviewing, studying, testing with a tutor, until finally, I have passed my state licensing, and have officially transitioned from an LPN to RN. I found the cutest keychain on Etsy that I just had to buy myself to celebrate! I didn't realize how much of my time I was spending on studying, and now I wonder how did I ever get anything else done! Now I am out looking for the perfect job. I think I've found it, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Excuse #2

I'm allowing myself some much needed time for paper therapy! I've probably spent more time cleaning out and organizing my papers than anything else, but I have completed a couple of layouts. I totally cased this layout from another consultant, but it was perfect for these race pictures of my son. I've had this Victory paper pack from Close To My Heart for several months, and this is the first layout I've completed. Using flip flaps that attach directly to the outside of the page protector, I was able to have 15 pictures and some hidden journaling on this layout. Here is a picture of the open flip flaps, revealing more photos:

And although this hasn't taken up much of my time, YET, I just have to share:

I recently received this wonderful RAK from my friend Vickie. This has got to be the cutest pincushion! I don't know how she does such tiny stitches, but the pictures just don't do this justice. With the handmade counting pins, this is perfect. There was also a LHN pattern that I am anxious to get started on. I love, love, love LHN, and this will be my next start-thank you Vickie!

Time to say goodbye-my service is starting to fade in and out-but my new blackberry bushes are getting watered, so I'm happy happy! Thanks for stopping by.


  1. What a wonderful keychain Cindy. Once again, congratulations and good for you! =)

    I am so very glad you like your gifts. I just love making bottle cap pincushions.

  2. Congratulations Nurse Cindy, RN. My daughter is an RN, too. So, I know the hard work you had to put in. I appreciate you! And I love your scrapbook layout....the color combination looks awesome. Hope your storm doesn't last long, but just sends you the rain you need. Have a great weekend.

  3. So happy you passed your boards, although I had no doubt that you would. Great layouts. I am finally in the process of straightening out and organizing my craft are in the finished basement now that the stepson has finally moved out.

  4. Congratulations, Cindy, RN! Eager to hear what job you got! Full or part time?

    1. Patty-I got the job I wanted, yippee! I am a full time hospice case manager. It will be almost a month of training-one week done! Although I don't have as much time at home for crafty stuff, I am really looking forward to this job.