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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Studio J

It seems there's always so many things that need to be done.  Like right now, the grass needs cut, but we had to get the mower repaired first. It's tough being an adult sometimes, deciding to do the necessary things, even if it means not getting to play as much.

On one of my sleepless nights lately, I decided to play! I have so many pictures that are just waiting to be organized, or printed even! My husband pointed out last week, over 18,000 photos on my computer,  that's a lot of memories that I haven't backed up! This particular sleepless night, we had multiple guests visiting, so I couldn't just go in my craft room, and start turning on lights and making noise. I wanted to create, but had to be quiet. I pulled out my trusty laptop, and in the dark living room, I was able to complete several layouts from start to finish, using the Studio J online scrapbooking from Close To My Heart. Take a peek at some of my work!

These were photos from Mother's Day this year. I love using the Studio J scrapbooking. Using this software, I can scrap my pictures in record time, using any retired paper that I may not even have in my stash! Ever paper has design elements to use, such as stickers and embellishments, that you can customize to your own preference.  Even if you aren't computer savvy, which I am definitely not, Studio J has many videos for instructions on the basics. Here's another project

I love old fashioned scrapbooking with paper, scissors and glue, but sometimes, getting the photos off the computer is well worth the change! When printed, these pages are 12 x 12, photo quality, ready to go in my books. With all of these layouts, I simply dragged my pictures across, and dropped them in a photo well. You can alter the paper colors, but these worked for me just the way they were.

Eight pages completed, in one sleepless night, not bad! This weekend, I was invited to go to an all day crop. I've already ordered pictures to be printed, and I'm going to pull together some coordinating papers. I'm going to challenge myself to see if I can get eight pages scrapped the traditional way, wish me luck!

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  1. I love scrapbooking Cindy. Your pages are gorgeous. I love the color combinations. I haven't tried any of the online sites, I just do it the old fashion way. But, I think paying a visit to Studio J might be worthwhile.

    1. Thanks Laurie! The old fashioned way of scrapbooking is my favorite, but with the pictures starting to pile up, the Studio J is faster, simpler, and easier. Give it a shot, you just might be hooked!

  2. I treasure my scrapbooks, Cindy. I made mine before digital became so popular. The thing I like about my old fashioned ones is that I can remove a photo and scan it into the computer for special projects. I wouldn't be ble to do that with digital. I have made some digital books in the last few years and love them too. Your pages look beautiful and I know the accomplishment you are feeling after getting some pages done. You will be so happy you did later on. Thanks for visiting me.